Saturday, July 28, 2007

Shopping List

Like little Fee, we are Pinkies too. Missy is drawing up a shopping list of all the pinky stuff we are planning to buy.

From Petedge:

A neon pink Safety Cat Collar!

We're not kitties but Missy thinks this will work just as well. We like that it's pink and comes with a tinkling bell!

A trendy pink tote!

This ought to be handy in getting all our accessories organised!

A pretty pink braided rug!

On which to place our new customised diner which is being carpentered at this very moment!

Then, there are some pink dresses that we really fancy from The New York Dog Shop:

Aren't they cute?

So can we go shopping yet? Look, Grandmama let me borrow her shopping bag!

All set!

Let me whisper a little wish to the money plant....

More moolah for Missy!

A close-up of the money plant, Grandmama's latest whim. Isn't it pretty?

Missy's Extra: I made the ceramic dish with the pretty little rosebud on the side too!

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