Sunday, September 21, 2008

At The Railroad

Each time Missy passes by the railroad on her way to work, she thinks how nice it would be to take us there and have some outdoor shots taken.

The pictures turned out all right. But, we shall never go back there again.

For we are lucky to live to tell this story.

Here's what happened:

Missy had thought that she would be able to hear the train come chugging and have some time to get us out of the way. But when it did come, it came more suddenly and faster than anticipated and left Missy with little time to react. She had let us roamed and we were some way ahead of her. As the train came charging at us, Missy could only scream our names and watched helplessly, carrying the greatest fear in her heart, as we took our brush with D. Eventually, we were saved by our own instincts as we bolted out of harm's way in time. It was truly a close call.

From Missy: I'm sorry, my precious babies. I will never, ever take a chance like this again. I love you, very much, and I want to have you by my side for many good years to come.

Celebrating life.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cuzzie En The Terror

Cuzzie En was here today and we're terrified of her! Well, not her per se but she and her monster of a walker! Look ye here and see how the duo waltzed about with nary a care for our little paws!

What?! Now we have to mind our steps in our own abode? 'Tis madness!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Steamer

About a month or two back (that's how slack our secretary, Missy, has been with our updates), Missy bought us a new steamer so that we can have our meals cooked more healthily and efficiently.

Here's our fabulous new Braun MultiGourmet!

Wholesome steamed goodness!

These sweet potatoes make a great side!