Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Great Outdoors

Thanks to the generous Chinese New Year holidays this year, we actually got to spend a whole morning with Missy. We got up real early this morning and headed for the great outdoors. Boy was the cool, dewy morning air refreshing!

Jie jie having a ball of a time!

You don't see as much of me because I'm too quick for Missy!

We always have to have a picture with the big tree whenever we see one because Missy is so awed by big trees!

And look what pretty little things we found among the grass!

Until our next update (which we hope won't be long)....

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Goodbye Piglet, hello Rat! Happy Lunar New Year, dear friends!

We love mandarin oranges!
Pity we only get to eat them once a year.

Of course jie jie is happy, she stole a roast duck drumstick at the reunion dinner!

Jie jie looking diminutive next to the huge hamper!

Missy got us a cute 'chun lian'. Do you know what it says?

Here's wishing everyone a prosperous year of the Rat. Stay happy and healthy!

Sunday, February 03, 2008


My 3rd birthday came and went. It was a quiet one this time with Missy taken away by work so much. She felt extremely lousy about not being able to celebrate with me and was full of reproach. I tried to make her feel better by letting her know I didn't mind one bit because to me, everyday is special and a blessing because I know Missy, the Grands and Sissy S all love me tremendously!

The weather's been pretty wet and cold. Tonight, Missy pulled out an old shirt of mine, a gift from Aunt Ivy, to help me keep warm. It's snugness showed just how much I've grown. The shirt only came down 1/3 the length of my body now.

This was how I looked when I first had the shirt:

Missy thinks I've grown up beautifully. Won't you agree?