Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Of Wishes Come True

We got our Christmas waffles! But not before Missy made us wait for pictures to be taken.


But for these buttermilk waffles with strawberry whipped cream and blueberries,

the wait is well worth it!

And here are this year's Christmas pictures. We start with a series on jie jie:

I don't know why Missy titled this series 'Our English Rose' but she thought it felt like it. Perhaps it's the cushion covers. Or perhaps jie jie is so classically beautiful, just like an English rose.

Here's a Sisters series:

And finally, just me:

This year's colour is white so jie jie and I wore a white ribbon each only on one side, just like Celia!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sweets For The Sweet

Missy has been baking furiously this past week so if you've received any of these sweets, know that you've been a sweetie as we have been this year and this is Missy's way of saying, 'Thank you'.

And don't fret if you haven't received any. Missy just can't seem to bake enough of these and of course, according to her, it doesn't help that we are constantly hovering around with 'Precious Moments' looks appealing for a nibble or two. Honestly, if you ask us, how much can two little poodles eat? Oh well....

Here's wishing y'all a blessed blessed Christmas filled with much love, joy and merriment!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

We've Been Christmas Tagged!

Apparently, there's some Christmas tagging going around and thanks to T-man *winks*, we're now part of the great tagging game! Here are the 3 simple rules to go by:

Rule 1: List 3 things you would love to get for Christmas.

Rule 2: List 3 things you definitely would not want to get for Christmas.

Rule 3: Tag 5 friends and list their names. Write 'You have been Christmas tagged' on their blogs and tell them to read your blog. Your friends who get tagged will need to list their Christmas wishes on their blogs, as well as state rules 1 to 3 clearly. They then need to tag 5 more friends.

Here goes:

3 things we would love to get for Christmas:

1. For a start, how about some nice, warm, homemade breakfast waffles? Missy's been promising us waffles but never gets them done!

2. Lots and lots of cuddles from the Grands, Sissy G, Sissy S and of course Missy.

3. Sit down to a yummy family Christmas feast!

3 things we definitely do not want to get for Christmas:

1. Well, we definitely don't want to be sick in any way. No upset stomach, no aches and pains etc etc.

2. No baths.

3. And definitely not to be left home alone.

5 friends we are tagging:

Fable, Herbie, Momi, Mango & Party.

Hey guys, you've been Christmas tagged!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What A Beautiful Morning! We Should Be At....

....the beach, no less! And of course we had our way! First, Missy packs our gear:

Life jackets, check.
Beach caps, check.
Towels, check.
Water bottle, check.

p.s. The tanning spray is Missy's. Why she delights in being baked as red as a lobster is beyond us.

And we're all set!

Happy Waverly!

We had lots of fun! Here are some pictures to show:

I check out the waves while jie jie enjoys the sea breeze.

Hey wave, catch us if you can!

Jie jie and I riding the waves.

Oooh the vast blue horizon!

Jie jie swimming like a water ballerina while I go splish-splash!

Happy happy happy!

Beach babes signing off!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

How To Tell If Waverly Is Well Again?

Re-hi everyone! I've been taking it easy the past week. The Grands and Missy have been watching me like a hawk, looking out for every little sign of progress in my recovery. As a matter of fact, Missy came up with this chart. It's called:

The Missy Guide To Waverly's Recovery

Day 1 ü
Day 2 & 3 ü ü
Day 4 ü ü ü

...... and the Ultimate test

Day 5 ü ü ü ü (Yippee!)

More illustrations......

Waverly doesn't play. The toy basket is untouched.

Waverly is well again and wrecks a healthy havoc!

So there, I'm all well and dandy again! Whooppee!

In celebration and as a reward for being good and getting well, Missy baked jie jie and I a Sponge Cake. With strawberry jam!


What's best after a nice treat?


Monday, December 04, 2006


I am sick, I am sick, I am sick sick sick. Think the pork soup bone on Saturday really did it for me. My tummy started feeling all tight and bloated. I couldn't sit or lie down or sleep. Finally, at 5am on Sunday morning, I threw up. On Missy's bed.

Missy was so good. She assured me it was alright and set about cleaning up right away without a grouse. I felt so bad but just as she was done, I did it again. On the bed again. And there was even more crap this time. I couldn't help it!

So again Missy had to get up and clean up the mess and changed the sheets. My crap was so foul it almost made her sick too. The washer went into overdrive that morning and protested so violently Missy thought it was going to blow.

I still couldn't sleep after that. Missy stayed up with me till 8am when she finally succumbed to exhaustion. I still wasn't better when she woke at 11am. Missy decided then it was off to the vet we go.

After having my temperature taken (read: thermometer stuck up my fanny), an x-ray, a jab, some antacids and $205, I was able to go home. Dr Pearson said if I kept my liquids down, I should be ok in a day or two.

I finally found sleep, which had eluded me almost an entire day and night, when I came home. Now now, this is big deal for a poodle who abides by her bedtime of 10pm.

I'm feeling much better today and can get up and walk around more. I've passed out some poop which Missy described as being much like dry soil *gross* but is a good sign nevertheless. I've also found a little strength to hold my tail up for a wag. But Grandpapa, Grandmama and Missy say I'm still not my usual bubbly self. I do not play when jie jie initiates a game of fetch. I won't have any treats. Missy thinks I've lost weight!

Oh boy do I want to get well soon! I miss life! I miss prancing about! And I feel so sorry for Missy who looks so worried and sad. I hear she has plans for us on Wednesday! Dear God, please make me well again soon!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Shopping!

This time, it's a glamorous GUESS poodle keychain!


Monday, November 27, 2006


Missy went bananas at the Metro private sale recently and among the stuff she busted on were some very pretty Chomel necklaces! And being the doting Missy she is, Missy let jie jie and I wear the necklaces even before she does!

Here's us! Jie jie is wearing the heart-shaped pendant while I sport the butterfly one.
Which one's prettier? I say mine!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Poodle Princesses On Board!

Look out for us on the road! Missy had decals custom made for our ride using our pictures!

So if you spot us cruising down the highway, do wave 'Hi!' or give Missy a friendly beep ok?

Monday, November 20, 2006

La Vie En Rose

This is a rose I plucked off my new toy from Sissy S. Missy caught me skipping around with it in my mouth and was so tickled she decided to take this series, that is, before I eat up the rose!

Here's a treat! Listen to Sissy S and Missy's all-time favourite classic tune:

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Birthday, Missy!

It's Missy's birthday and what better way to celebrate it than with family over a DIY champagne brunch at the Run!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Sissy G demanded pictures, more pictures! So here goes!

Me and my new carrot toy. I like to perch atop Missy's hot pink furry cushy
which Sissy Az's mama made for Missy!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Message From Missy

Dear Friends and Fellow Dog Lovers,

Animal Lovers League's (ALL) calendar for 2007 is out! ALL is dedicated to the cause of rescuing and providing a safe, no-kill shelter to stray cats and dogs. Please support ALL's cause by purchasing their new calendar. The calendar's unique design allows you to add a personal touch of creativity.

Here's what I did with mine.

A close-up.

Get yours now and let your creative juices flow!

On a related note, remember, folks, never ever buy puppies from pet shops and pet farms. The puppies may be cute (they will always be for all puppies are cute, regardless of how poorly bred or how unhealthy they are) and alluring, but remember their parents, grandparents and siblings suffering behind the scenes. Do not perpetuate their suffering by making the business profitable for the unscrupulous breeders. If you are, or know of someone, looking for a new addition to the household, please give your consideration to the strays and abandoned dogs. They deserve a second chance.

Right by the dogs,