Thursday, July 19, 2007

Music To Missy's Ears

Missy is our greatest fan. These are ordinary, everyday sounds that jie jie and I make but Missy absolutely celebrates them!

Missy's Extra: You need to 'hear' these more than 'watch' them. So turn up the volume!

First up is the one of us eating well:

Can you hear us lapping up all the goodness?

Missy noted that I finished almost twice as fast as jie jie. I don't think I was gobbling! Jie jie is just too dainty! And noticed how jie jie lets me clean up her dish for her? I used to be able to bulldoze into her dish much earlier when it was much fuller BUT Missy had to go wag her finger at me for having poor manners. I don't know why she should kick up such a fuss when it's jie jie's food and jie jie doesn't even give a hoot. Plus I make the washing later easier since jie jie doesn't usually clean out her dish as I do. I think she's had too much good food before. Oh well, shrugs!

Now, this one is of me drinking water:

Missy thinks jie jie and I don't drink enough so the sound of us drinking water is preeeciousss to her!

Here's me again, this time getting excited about going out while jie jie plays it cool:

Do I sound like a sea lion?

And finally, this is jie jie's 'Hello!-Welcome-back!-I-missed-ya!-I-love-ya!' greeting:

Make a joyful noise indeed!

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