Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Road Less Travelled

Now that Missy's discovered that she can read maps and street directories if she sets her mind to it, she's started on a quest for us to check out different places. So, today....

....we took the road less travelled. Here's us in the midst of a jungle!

Look how dense the undergrowth was that my, erm, petite jie jie was quite engulfed!

She didn't let up on a photo opportunity with the mimosas though.

We trudged and we trudged and we trudged and found ourselves somehow in a desert land!

Crossing the great big desert, we finally reached....

....a beautiful orchard!

And a lovely nursery!

Oops, Missy's acting quite hysterical at this point. I think she wants to interrupt!

(Missy's Extra: Oh, my baby! My beautiful baby!)


Then there was a nice water feature.

Can you guess where we went yet?

Now this has got to be a dead giveaway, no?

Oh, this time round, I got the ant attack! Argh!

Disclaimer: The above is how little Waverly made sense of today's outing. We didn't really trudge through a jungle and desert!....

Oh but we did walk loads and now my weakling of a Missy's legs are sore. Actually, jie jie looks a bit stiff too. Teehee!

....And there was no orchard, but there sure was plenty of flora! We did have a bit of adventure at one point when I took a wrong turn and entered a very narrow path which led to a dead end! So I had to do a turnaround and I had to be oh so careful to avoid plunging down the cliff Thelma & Louise-style! Ok, slope. Anyhoo, I think the girls could sense the precariousness of the situation and made such a cacophony of whines and whimpers I had to maneuver the turnaround and try to calm them down at the same time! We made it through, of course. Bless the little Pica!

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