Wednesday, September 26, 2007


How lucky Missy is to have me. Today, knowing that she would be returning from yet another long and tough day at work, I had specially prepared some confetti to welcome Missy when she comes home.

Behold my work of art!

(Although I do believe today's lot is not as fine as they used to be. I gotta polish up those shredding skills!)

When Waverly first arrived, the Grands and Missy had thought she was behind all of it since I was supposed to have outgrown these trivias. Until one fine day, Missy had the honour of witnessing me as I worked my craft and that was when all credit was returned to me, as was due, thank you very much.

I wonder though that Missy should not look as thrilled as I would expect her to be. Grrr...ingrate!

Oh well, I'm off to my after-dinner siesta on my new bed-bed.

Check out the additional cushioning courtesy of Grandmama!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I Call It!

Grandmama had bought this comfy Ikea armchair so she could sit back comfortably when watching TV. BUT I've decided that it's good enough for me and so, I call it (!!!) and have been using it as my bed-bed.

Last night, seeing that I wasn't using it, Grandmama thought she would borrow it and indulge for just a little while. Unbeknownst to her, I had decided to call it a night at right about the same time that she settled herself nicely on the armchair for some late night TV. But you know me, being sweetheart and all, I didn't want to be rude and bark her right off the chair. So I subtly hinted to her by circling around and checking the underside of the chair. We don't call her Grandmama for nothing, for she's very wise and quickly got the message. She promptly upped and said that I could have it. So then....

I promptly plopped myself down....

....and was soon fast asleep!

(Sour) Note From Missy: The two of them get away with everything!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pretty Flowers & Pretty Poodles

Missy bought a really pretty little bouquet of flowers. What goes best with pretty flowers?

Why, pretty poodles of course!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Table For Two, s'il vous plaît

This evening, we sat down to a 3-course dinner that Missy specially prepared.

Table, set.

Napkin, check.

Personal Butler, check. (Teehee. Guess who?)



1st Course: Apple & Walnut Salad


2nd Course: Beef Patty on a Bed of Spinach & Brown Rice

Look how thick and juicy the beef patty is!

Greens are good for you. I'll start with them.

I'll go straight to the best!

Jie jie, you've got spinach on your nose! How ladylike is that?

3rd Course: Japanese Waffle Ice-Cream With Red Bean

Life is good, we tells ya'!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

At Sissy G's

Missy finally had time to visit Cuzzie En again. She's now two weeks old. Silly Missy thought she would be all grown up considering how fast we grew up as puppies. But no, Cuzzie En is still very much a wee puppy, actually more like a puny kitty. Look at her:

Did the stork pick from the wrong litter?

Anyhoo, Cuzzie En is beginning to dress up like us, you know, ribbons and all and oooh, she's a Pinky too!

Being the nice, doting cuzzies, we got Sissy G and Cuzzie En a niceee pressie:

Can you guess what it is?

Surprise surprise! Missy got a little pressie from Sissy G too! Here's our latest poodle paraphernalia:

It's a poodle piggy bank and she looks a bit like jie jie.

Missy's just been commissioned to bake Cuzzie En's Full Month Celebration Cake. She's all stressed up but we're thinking, yay, more goodies to come!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Promises are meant to be....KEPT of course!

Missy finally delivered her promise today. So there, the 3 of us spent a splendid morning basking in the golden sun, tossing in the soft white sand and frolicking in the clear blue sea!

Say, are we there yet?

Warning: Owing to Missy's shaky hands and could-be-better videography, the following clip may or may not cause you seasickness. *snigger*

Ooh, fun fun fun!!!

Jie jie went nuts over a coconut!

Call it tenacious or plain ol' stubborn. Missy had to stop the recording, put away the camera and swim out to get both jie jie and the coconut. Tsk tsk, honestly, jie jie....

This weekend, Missy is going to cook us a special meal! We can't wait!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


.....if I slept on Missy's work clothes, she can't go to work today?

Waverly sad.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Baby En Is Born

The stork dropped off Cuzzie En early this morning. Here she is:

Pretty cute, ain't she?

We suppose she's alright for now. You know how it is, puppies are always cute. Her little black mop of coat looks promising......