Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Amazing Grace

I will run.

I must go after Missy.

I don't care if there's a gate before me, I will scale it.

I don't care if there are monster automobiles out there

that might crush me, I must find Missy.

No, I won't stop to smell the flowers,

I must keep going.

No, I don't care if my paws are bleeding,

I must keep running.

Missy's Extra: Waverly ran away from a friend's today. I had sent her there to be babysitted as I expected to be late today. I could never imagine that she would be so desperate to come after me that even a great big gate couldn't deter her! I turned cold and imagined the worst when I received the phone call, but thought, this just couldn't be! It just couldn't! Not so soon after Daisy. After hours of frantic and aimless searching in the huge maze of private residences, several hits and misses (passersby reported sightings), I prayed that He would just tire Waverly so that she would stop running. He must have been watching over her because she did just that. She found her way into the home of a kind family where she was comforted and fed. The thoughtful owner even kept a lookout for a search party and that was how Waverly was eventually found.

I cannot begin to describe the relief. It is beyond words. And I cannot be thankful enough, because had she gone just a little further, Waverly would have hit the main roads where I think all her chances would have been dashed. Harrowing, my poor baby. What am I to do with you, little one?

Waverly's separation anxiety has gone up a notch with Daisy gone. Right from the beginning, she had had the benefit and company of strong and independent Daisy. I'm rather at a loss now. If you have experiences in successfully countering separation anxiety in your dogs, please will you share with me?