Sunday, July 29, 2007

Labrador Park

We went to Labrador Park today. It's a rather small park of which the main highlight is the jetty.

It was rather crowded so we didn't enjoy too much freedom and didn't take very many pictures. Here are some obligatory shots with the flowers:

Looking glum?

To make up for the somewhat disappointing outing, Missy baked us some Mango & Macadamia Fresh Drop Cookies.

Of course, we must always wait for pictures to be taken.
Aren't they pretty?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Shopping List

Like little Fee, we are Pinkies too. Missy is drawing up a shopping list of all the pinky stuff we are planning to buy.

From Petedge:

A neon pink Safety Cat Collar!

We're not kitties but Missy thinks this will work just as well. We like that it's pink and comes with a tinkling bell!

A trendy pink tote!

This ought to be handy in getting all our accessories organised!

A pretty pink braided rug!

On which to place our new customised diner which is being carpentered at this very moment!

Then, there are some pink dresses that we really fancy from The New York Dog Shop:

Aren't they cute?

So can we go shopping yet? Look, Grandmama let me borrow her shopping bag!

All set!

Let me whisper a little wish to the money plant....

More moolah for Missy!

A close-up of the money plant, Grandmama's latest whim. Isn't it pretty?

Missy's Extra: I made the ceramic dish with the pretty little rosebud on the side too!

Friday, July 27, 2007


The latest following Daisy, Baby Zee, Zee Girl, Daisy My Love, Puppy Poo Poo, Sweetie Pie Pie and the like is Sweetheart.

I'm now known to Missy as....Sweetheart.


I sure am!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Music To Missy's Ears

Missy is our greatest fan. These are ordinary, everyday sounds that jie jie and I make but Missy absolutely celebrates them!

Missy's Extra: You need to 'hear' these more than 'watch' them. So turn up the volume!

First up is the one of us eating well:

Can you hear us lapping up all the goodness?

Missy noted that I finished almost twice as fast as jie jie. I don't think I was gobbling! Jie jie is just too dainty! And noticed how jie jie lets me clean up her dish for her? I used to be able to bulldoze into her dish much earlier when it was much fuller BUT Missy had to go wag her finger at me for having poor manners. I don't know why she should kick up such a fuss when it's jie jie's food and jie jie doesn't even give a hoot. Plus I make the washing later easier since jie jie doesn't usually clean out her dish as I do. I think she's had too much good food before. Oh well, shrugs!

Now, this one is of me drinking water:

Missy thinks jie jie and I don't drink enough so the sound of us drinking water is preeeciousss to her!

Here's me again, this time getting excited about going out while jie jie plays it cool:

Do I sound like a sea lion?

And finally, this is jie jie's 'Hello!-Welcome-back!-I-missed-ya!-I-love-ya!' greeting:

Make a joyful noise indeed!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Leisurely Sunday

Missy decided we needed to interact with our kind so, no exploration today. Instead, we went to the dog run, which was lots of fun too!

Jie jie made a new friend. Her name is Enormous and she's a dachshund.

Here's me sniffing out Enormous.

Enormous has a big name for a dog her size. Her folk told Missy that she named Enormous so because Enormous was very sickly and severely undersized when she was young. So she named her Enormous hoping she would grow up big and strong.

Well, Enormous still isn't very big at one but she certainly packs a punch and is a lot of fun!

Now, that's an enormous German Shepherd Dog. But it was a gentle giant really.

What a nice crowd we had today! And everyone was friendly too!

Back home, after we had had our baths and dinner, Missy treated us to some yummy cherries!

Oppsie, I made a little mess on the freshly laundered rug. I don't think Grandmama is going to be very pleased when she finds out....

....but there's nothing that a few poodle kisses can't take care of!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Road Less Travelled

Now that Missy's discovered that she can read maps and street directories if she sets her mind to it, she's started on a quest for us to check out different places. So, today....

....we took the road less travelled. Here's us in the midst of a jungle!

Look how dense the undergrowth was that my, erm, petite jie jie was quite engulfed!

She didn't let up on a photo opportunity with the mimosas though.

We trudged and we trudged and we trudged and found ourselves somehow in a desert land!

Crossing the great big desert, we finally reached....

....a beautiful orchard!

And a lovely nursery!

Oops, Missy's acting quite hysterical at this point. I think she wants to interrupt!

(Missy's Extra: Oh, my baby! My beautiful baby!)


Then there was a nice water feature.

Can you guess where we went yet?

Now this has got to be a dead giveaway, no?

Oh, this time round, I got the ant attack! Argh!

Disclaimer: The above is how little Waverly made sense of today's outing. We didn't really trudge through a jungle and desert!....

Oh but we did walk loads and now my weakling of a Missy's legs are sore. Actually, jie jie looks a bit stiff too. Teehee!

....And there was no orchard, but there sure was plenty of flora! We did have a bit of adventure at one point when I took a wrong turn and entered a very narrow path which led to a dead end! So I had to do a turnaround and I had to be oh so careful to avoid plunging down the cliff Thelma & Louise-style! Ok, slope. Anyhoo, I think the girls could sense the precariousness of the situation and made such a cacophony of whines and whimpers I had to maneuver the turnaround and try to calm them down at the same time! We made it through, of course. Bless the little Pica!