Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tagged: Seven Pawsome Things About Us

We've been tagged by our new friend, Ume, to list 7 pawsome things about ourselves. Here goes!


1. I swim as gracefully as a swan! Watch me here.

2. I'm proud as a peacock and stubborn as a mule, but hey, I'd like to think I've got character!

3. I've got eyelashes as beautiful as the giraffe's (or so Missy thinks)!

4. I've got really high IQ and EQ and would probably qualify for MENSA if I were folk.

5. This amazes the folks but I love sour stuff like strawberries and kiwis but I hate bananas!

6. I double up as a nurse to the folks when they are ill and I'm a real ace at it!

7. I'm a wonderful sister to my mei mei (Chinese for little sister), Waverly!


1. I love to perch atop the sofa and stack of cushions like a cat!

2. I can twirl around like a ballerina and hop on my hinds like a baby 'roo!

3. I flew solo on a 7-hr flight when I was only a teeny weeny 'lil pup of 4 months!

4. I've got a tattoo on my ear! I'm a hot chick!

5. Look how beautifully I've turned out from the golliwog puppy I used to be!



6. I'm glued to Missy!

7. I have a way with my jie jie (big sister in Chinese) despite her iciness and temper!

This is fun! We're tagging Dino, Zuiko, Leica, Kennie, Kyra, Luna and Fable!

Afternote: We had missed out Brandee and are glad Aunt HL included her. We hope it's not too late to tag Zaccheus now. We think this would be a good time to reminisce all the wonderful pawsomes that was Zaccheus.

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