Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Day Out with Old Pals

We spent a wonderful morning with Aunt HL, Dino, Zuiko, Leica and Kennie. Boy was Jie Jie all too happy to see Leica, her greatest friend of all time!

This is Leica. Jie Jie was after her the whole morning I think she plain forgot about me! But I guess Leica and Jie Jie go way back, way before I was born!

A close-up of Leica the Chihuahua. Ain't she pretty?

Mind ya', she'd modeled for Guess one time!

This is Kennie, a Miniature Pinscher, Leica's 'lil sister. She's cutsie!

Here's a picture of Jie Jie set against the beautiful backdrop.

And here's me skipping happily!

Missy attempts a 'poetic' shot.

Oooh and this time, we saw a monkey for real!

We love this new place Aunt HL brought us! We shall be back!

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