Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bone, Soup & Madeleines

We started the day with our teeth-cleansing routine gnawing on oxtails....

Must . keep . teeth . clean .

We didn't get to go on any outing this weekend because Missy was much too tired from a whole week of work. She's got to adjust her internal clock to get used to work hours after a restful three weeks. She did find some energy though to bake us one of our favourite snacks, Madeleines!

Since pandan seems to be all the rage now, Missy decided to make some pandan-flavoured Madeleines too! They're the ones in green, see?

Can you tell how soft and fluffy they are?

Milk and Madeleines for snacks!

Later on in the evening, we had Grandmama's wholesome Corn and Carrot Soup for dinner, with minced meat and rice.

We are satisfied little poo-poos! :)

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