Sunday, June 24, 2007

At Dino's

So Aunt HL had us over yesterday for a much belated housewarming. While the folks shared lots of fun and laughter in the kitchen decorating their Chocolate Strawberry Cake (which we had no share of because it was chocccolate), we were kept out of bounds to the kitchen (read: separated from Missy), a rather peculiar house rule set by a certain crank that was our Uncle LP. That made my little sister, Waverly, cry.

"But...but...but...we always get to join Missy in the kitchen!"

Here’s a step-by-step illustration on How To (Over) Decorate A Cake:

1. Half the cake to make two layers. 2. Whip up some fresh cream. 3. Spread whipped cream on bottom cake layer. 4. Line with strawberries followed by more whipped cream. 5. Top with remaining half of cake and frost all over with whipped cream. 6. Pipe little flowers all over cake. 7. Top with more strawberries and voila! 8. The cake turned out pretty decent, hey?

Just when Missy thought enough of food pictures…oooh but doesn’t this remind you of myyy anniversary cake?

Here are the three wacky cooks:

(Photo credit: Dinoboy)
(L-R: Aunt HL, Missy and Aunt Cel)

We love your smile, Aunt HL!

So we didn’t get any cake but Aunt HL did cook us a yummy dinner of macaroni, chicken and veggies......except it was two hours late!

"Gimme it! Gimme it! Gimme it!!!"

And here’s what the folks had. Uncle LP cooked it!

Looks yummy! (Missy: It was yummy!)

Later on at night, Aunt HL helped us break another one of Uncle LP’s nutty house rules when she let us into the TV room so we could snuggle with Missy as we were accustomed to. We really thought we were doing Uncle LP a favour because we didn’t think he would like us to make scratches or break his glass door panels like Fee did!

Thanks for having us over, Aunt HL! We still love ya’, Uncle LP!

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