Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What A Beautiful Morning! We Should Be At....

....the beach, no less! And of course we had our way! First, Missy packs our gear:

Life jackets, check.
Beach caps, check.
Towels, check.
Water bottle, check.

p.s. The tanning spray is Missy's. Why she delights in being baked as red as a lobster is beyond us.

And we're all set!

Happy Waverly!

We had lots of fun! Here are some pictures to show:

I check out the waves while jie jie enjoys the sea breeze.

Hey wave, catch us if you can!

Jie jie and I riding the waves.

Oooh the vast blue horizon!

Jie jie swimming like a water ballerina while I go splish-splash!

Happy happy happy!

Beach babes signing off!

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