Tuesday, December 19, 2006

We've Been Christmas Tagged!

Apparently, there's some Christmas tagging going around and thanks to T-man *winks*, we're now part of the great tagging game! Here are the 3 simple rules to go by:

Rule 1: List 3 things you would love to get for Christmas.

Rule 2: List 3 things you definitely would not want to get for Christmas.

Rule 3: Tag 5 friends and list their names. Write 'You have been Christmas tagged' on their blogs and tell them to read your blog. Your friends who get tagged will need to list their Christmas wishes on their blogs, as well as state rules 1 to 3 clearly. They then need to tag 5 more friends.

Here goes:

3 things we would love to get for Christmas:

1. For a start, how about some nice, warm, homemade breakfast waffles? Missy's been promising us waffles but never gets them done!

2. Lots and lots of cuddles from the Grands, Sissy G, Sissy S and of course Missy.

3. Sit down to a yummy family Christmas feast!

3 things we definitely do not want to get for Christmas:

1. Well, we definitely don't want to be sick in any way. No upset stomach, no aches and pains etc etc.

2. No baths.

3. And definitely not to be left home alone.

5 friends we are tagging:

Fable, Herbie, Momi, Mango & Party.

Hey guys, you've been Christmas tagged!

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