Sunday, December 10, 2006

How To Tell If Waverly Is Well Again?

Re-hi everyone! I've been taking it easy the past week. The Grands and Missy have been watching me like a hawk, looking out for every little sign of progress in my recovery. As a matter of fact, Missy came up with this chart. It's called:

The Missy Guide To Waverly's Recovery

Day 1 ü
Day 2 & 3 ü ü
Day 4 ü ü ü

...... and the Ultimate test

Day 5 ü ü ü ü (Yippee!)

More illustrations......

Waverly doesn't play. The toy basket is untouched.

Waverly is well again and wrecks a healthy havoc!

So there, I'm all well and dandy again! Whooppee!

In celebration and as a reward for being good and getting well, Missy baked jie jie and I a Sponge Cake. With strawberry jam!


What's best after a nice treat?


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