Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Message From Missy

Dear Friends and Fellow Dog Lovers,

Animal Lovers League's (ALL) calendar for 2007 is out! ALL is dedicated to the cause of rescuing and providing a safe, no-kill shelter to stray cats and dogs. Please support ALL's cause by purchasing their new calendar. The calendar's unique design allows you to add a personal touch of creativity.

Here's what I did with mine.

A close-up.

Get yours now and let your creative juices flow!

On a related note, remember, folks, never ever buy puppies from pet shops and pet farms. The puppies may be cute (they will always be for all puppies are cute, regardless of how poorly bred or how unhealthy they are) and alluring, but remember their parents, grandparents and siblings suffering behind the scenes. Do not perpetuate their suffering by making the business profitable for the unscrupulous breeders. If you are, or know of someone, looking for a new addition to the household, please give your consideration to the strays and abandoned dogs. They deserve a second chance.

Right by the dogs,


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