Thursday, September 13, 2007


Promises are meant to be....KEPT of course!

Missy finally delivered her promise today. So there, the 3 of us spent a splendid morning basking in the golden sun, tossing in the soft white sand and frolicking in the clear blue sea!

Say, are we there yet?

Warning: Owing to Missy's shaky hands and could-be-better videography, the following clip may or may not cause you seasickness. *snigger*

Ooh, fun fun fun!!!

Jie jie went nuts over a coconut!

Call it tenacious or plain ol' stubborn. Missy had to stop the recording, put away the camera and swim out to get both jie jie and the coconut. Tsk tsk, honestly, jie jie....

This weekend, Missy is going to cook us a special meal! We can't wait!

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