Saturday, September 15, 2007

At Sissy G's

Missy finally had time to visit Cuzzie En again. She's now two weeks old. Silly Missy thought she would be all grown up considering how fast we grew up as puppies. But no, Cuzzie En is still very much a wee puppy, actually more like a puny kitty. Look at her:

Did the stork pick from the wrong litter?

Anyhoo, Cuzzie En is beginning to dress up like us, you know, ribbons and all and oooh, she's a Pinky too!

Being the nice, doting cuzzies, we got Sissy G and Cuzzie En a niceee pressie:

Can you guess what it is?

Surprise surprise! Missy got a little pressie from Sissy G too! Here's our latest poodle paraphernalia:

It's a poodle piggy bank and she looks a bit like jie jie.

Missy's just been commissioned to bake Cuzzie En's Full Month Celebration Cake. She's all stressed up but we're thinking, yay, more goodies to come!!!

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