Wednesday, September 26, 2007


How lucky Missy is to have me. Today, knowing that she would be returning from yet another long and tough day at work, I had specially prepared some confetti to welcome Missy when she comes home.

Behold my work of art!

(Although I do believe today's lot is not as fine as they used to be. I gotta polish up those shredding skills!)

When Waverly first arrived, the Grands and Missy had thought she was behind all of it since I was supposed to have outgrown these trivias. Until one fine day, Missy had the honour of witnessing me as I worked my craft and that was when all credit was returned to me, as was due, thank you very much.

I wonder though that Missy should not look as thrilled as I would expect her to be. Grrr...ingrate!

Oh well, I'm off to my after-dinner siesta on my new bed-bed.

Check out the additional cushioning courtesy of Grandmama!

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