Sunday, May 20, 2007

Still, 'The Glue'

Ever since I was little, Grandpapa nicknamed me 'The Glue' because, as the name implied, I stuck to Missy like superglue! Wherever Missy went about the house, I was sure to follow. I was her shadow! And whenever she went out, I would whimper and cry. (Read about the time when Missy left me behind here.)

Just when everyone thought I'm a little more grown up and independent these days, I went and did it again.

Today, Missy had to bring Jie Jie to the vet for a review. When she left with Jie Jie without me, I waaailed. Grandmama tried to coax me to sleep. I tried to repeatedly but got up each time and ran to check the gate for Missy, only to return to Grandmama's side in disappointment and with more whimpers. I was so glad when they finally returned and was literally all over Missy. I love Missy! I can't help it!

My love-love!

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