Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Day Missy Left Me Behind

'Fare thee well, Waverly' were Missy's last words to me before she bundled up jie jie and left me. I whimpered piteously after them and tried with all my might to climb over the gate to go after them but Missy would not look back.

There now, it was just Grandmama and me from now on. She picked me up and tried to pacify me but I was inconsolable. As the sad fact set in that Missy and jie jie were no more, I cried even harder and louder, crumbling the walls and bringing the whole house down into the pits of my little broken heart.

Why did Missy have to go? Why had she picked jie jie and not me? Will I never see them again?

Such were the rhetorical questions that weighed heavily on my young mind. Fatigue caught up with me and sleep soon embraced me....

Hush! I hear the jingling of keys! Shuttering between dreams and reality, was that Missy's voice I hear? Was I dreaming? There's jie jie, looking freshly groomed and more beautiful than ever. Then I heard Missy calling out to me, 'Waverlyyy....'. Missy was back! And jie jie too! Oh happiness! Who should I greet first?

I learned later that Missy hadn't forsaken me at all. They had both gone to be groomed was all. Missy had her toenails painted while jie jie had the full works. Sigh....the exploits of the untamed young mind....Oh well!

Nevertheless, to make up for lost time, I cuddled with Missy all night long!

Missy's Extra: Waverly has developed a strong attachment to me, hence the separation anxiety!

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