Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

It took us a while to warm up to Christmas this year.

Missy had started a Christmas Gift List sometime back in early November. Jie Jie and I were at the top of her list, with Jie Jie reigning first.

We would never have thought that Jie Jie would not make it to Christmas.

So the list was forgotten for a while until the gifts started pouring in from Missy's friends, which stirred and awaken her heart.

We didn't have the energy to put up the Christmas Tree but a trip to good ol' Ikea helped us throw on some Christmas colours around the house.

Here I am, wearing Jie Jie's knitted red sweater:

This year's gifts:

It turned out to be Missy's biggest Christmas budget ever!

Here's what I got this year, a Christmas red towel! (Although, do I need another towel? Does this spell more baths?)

And deer antlers!

So Jie Jie was not around but I'm glad Cuzzie En was here to play. We make a great pair!

But Jie Jie can never be replaced. Nobody can ever take Jie Jie's place in our hearts.

Missing you, Jie Jie.

Merry Christmas, Jie Jie.
I hope you have a great big party in heaven
with Zaccheus, Brandee, Herbie, T-man, Sandy
and many other friends.

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