Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy 牛 Year!

Happy Lunar New Year of the Ox!

This has been a pretty good Chinese New Year. Missy decided to take me new year's visiting and bought me a pretty new dress to go with!

Here's me getting ready to go new year's visiting in my new dress

and matching ribbons in my hair.

The second day of Chinese New Year is traditionally when relatives come to visit. I kept busy being a good host to everyone!

Here's me on my black swivel chair meeting

and greeting guests with a great big smile!

Cuzzie En was in great form and was official entertainer for the day. Here's her dancing to 'Honey Honey' from the movie 'Mama Mia':

She received a resounding applause for her performance. Then, woozy from the limelight, and in a burst of spontaneity and affection, she threw herself at me, and offered me a kiss, for being her constant friend and supporter:

And then she got a bit overzealous and tried to keep me all to herself for a bit:

Here's wishing everyone:


(Happiness in the new year)


(May your course run smooth)


(Good health)


My Chinese New Year special,

Shredded Chicken Fillet and Potatoes with Tangerine!

My ang paos!


(Plenty to eat! To never be in want of anything.)

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