Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Party Of Three

Jie jie and I turned 10 and 3 respectively earlier this year but we never got round to celebrating because of Missy's work. We've always celebrated birthdays. Jie jie's arrival anniversaries, especially, are of particular significance. When friends receive invitations, they know, like Aunt HL once put it, that 'it's the time of the year'. Missy has been waiting a long time to make it up to us. So today, finally, we had our belated celebrations.

This time, there were no guests, but we had nature, beautiful nature, the trees and the birds, and we had a freshly baked Strawberry Tart in place of the birthday cake. And we had us, a party of three.

Missy's Extra: Happy belated birthdays, my babies!

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