Sunday, May 11, 2008

Singapore Botanic Gardens Revisited

Following Aunt Jo-Ann's urging, we revisited the Botanic Gardens today. We were pleasantly surprised. The grounds have become even more beautiful!

Here's us at the Main Gate. We love the details!

And the lush tropical foliage!

We caught many interesting sights!

A lovely pair of swans.
Can you spot the terrapin behind?

This huge turtle was as curious about us as we were about him.
He swam right up to the surface and poked his head up to take a closer look at us.

We also saw a cute little black chick but Missy was too slow and didn't manage to take a picture.

Later in the evening, we sat down to a nice jazz performance by the Thomson Jazz Club. It was really cool! We took a video clip and would have loved to share the music with you except silly Missy forgot to turn on the volume!

We didn't take too many pictures today as the garden was much too crowded. But the grounds were absolutely lovely and we would love to come back soon.

Special commendation by Missy: Waverly's leash broke halfway through our fun today so we had to leave her to off-leash. I was a tad anxious due to the crowds and was very conscious of her being off-leash with the 'Dogs must be leashed' signs all around us. But little Waverly was so good! Although never formally obedience-trained, she stayed close throughout. Her lovely temperament endeared her to many who stopped in their tracks to take photos of Daisy and her. I'm so proud of my little girl!

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