Sunday, February 03, 2008


My 3rd birthday came and went. It was a quiet one this time with Missy taken away by work so much. She felt extremely lousy about not being able to celebrate with me and was full of reproach. I tried to make her feel better by letting her know I didn't mind one bit because to me, everyday is special and a blessing because I know Missy, the Grands and Sissy S all love me tremendously!

The weather's been pretty wet and cold. Tonight, Missy pulled out an old shirt of mine, a gift from Aunt Ivy, to help me keep warm. It's snugness showed just how much I've grown. The shirt only came down 1/3 the length of my body now.

This was how I looked when I first had the shirt:

Missy thinks I've grown up beautifully. Won't you agree?

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