Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jie Jie the (Sweetheart) Prodigal

Missy's so indignant she can almost spew blood. You see, my jie jie hasn't been her usual self the last couple of days. She's been acting rather lethargic and while she usually loves to be cuddled, she couldn't bear to be held these past few days. Her appetite's normal though so Missy couldn't tell what was ailing her.

After observing her for two nights, Missy finally succumbed to pressure from the Grands and Sissy S to take jie jie to the vet. As expected, with no hint of what could be wrong with jie jie, the vet had to order all the (expensive) investigations, including a blood test and x-ray, both of which jie jie had just done and cleared only a couple of months back at her annual health check.

The tests results came out all clear. The vet said that if she had to pinpoint anything that was slightly off, it would be the little bit of gas jie jie had in her tub-tub. So she packed jie jie home with some probiotics and pain relief. Now, this was what got Missy so indignant. She could have sworn that jie jie looked ten times better right after she stepped out of the clinic! And she hadn't even taken any of the medication yet!

Could it really be the gas that made jie jie so uncomfortable? Or were her geriatric hips acting up?

So what made jie jie feel instantly better? The fuss and attention from our pretty vet? The assurance from the expensive blood test and x-ray?

Well, Missy's convinced that it's the satisfaction from having successfully burnt yet another big hole in her pocket. (Did I mention that besides the whopping vet bill, Missy had also ordered over a hundred dollars worth of supplements from www.monicasegal.com in the afternoon while she was feeling helpless being stuck at work and with Grandmama's two-hourly dismal reports of jie jie's condition?)

Here's my prodigal jie jie:

This photo is from another health scare previously when jie jie had a huge growth on her paw-paw, most likely from an insect bite. It was disturbing her so much that she couldn't sleep. Upon closer inspection, Grandmama and Missy discovered the swell. It was in the middle of the night so nothing could be done then. The next day, as soon as the clinic was opened, Missy rushed jie jie to the vet.

Oh jie jie, have you been bad? Does that mean no Christmas pressie for you this year?

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